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Chemical & Fertilizer trading

Omanbapa currently facilitates Chemical and Fertilizer trading via manufacturer's representative route.

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Business Facilitations

Omanbapa currently represents 5 multi-national companies names MCFI, Chemco, Effica-Group, Oversight Africa, US Africa T...

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Business Consultancy

Omanbapa provides business consultancy services in the fields of research, projects management, business fronting, manuf...

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Professional Development

Omanbapa facilitates CPD training for private and public sector employees in selected and pre-approved short course of s...

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Education & Training

Omanbapa provides the platform for short course of study and training for students and employees.

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 Omanbapa currently is into commercial farming and commodity trading (cocoa and cashew).

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Meet Our Exclusive Leadership

Bernard Oduro Takyi
Founder and CEO
Jacqueline Oduro Takyi
Co-Founder and Secretary
Isaac Yeboah Filson
Team member
Junaid Udhin
Team member
Houmayd Uteem
Team member

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  • By Admin
  • 11 Feb, 2021

Bernard Oduro Takyi - AFISIC 2021 - Inve...

BiographyBernard Oduro Takyi is Young Commercial Farmer and the Founder/CEO of Omanbapa Ghana Ltd (www.omanbapaghana.com), which i...

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