Business Facilitations

Omanbapa currently represents 5 multi-national companies names MCFI, Chemco, Effica-Group, Oversight Africa, US Africa Trade Council etc. 

Omanbapa Ghana Ltd currently is the Official Representative of Mufaad International Ltd based in Mauritius. This representation is premised on the fact that Omanbapa is the medium for sourcing of business deals and project financing in Ghana and across Africa for the wider Investors/Funders of Mufaad International Ltd. The Project Financing part of the representation looks at diverse sectors for investment ranging from Energy, Oil & Gas, Agriculture, Infrastructural Development, Fishing & Aquaculture, Maritime among others. These projects can be either publicly or privately led and qualifies for Mufaad Financial Engineering services once the key criteria for investments are met. Currently, Omanbapa has the official mandate of Mufaad to broker/facilitate transactions on gold buying with express approval from the actual gold buyers. This mandate however is subject to compliance with the local laws in Ghana bothering on the buying and selling of precious minerals.